The reliability and high quality differentiate us in the steel market.

With 40 years of activity in the steel sector, CEA Group has the skills to provide a complete solution: from engineering design to equipment and services for all steel plants (steel and rolling mill).

We are able to satisfy any requests, including green field projects and revamping of existing plants. The contracts are made to order by the customer, based on the required technical specifications and they are characterized by a high degree
of customization.

CEA Group technicians allow you to find the best and most complete solutions to meet the customers’ needs, starting from feasibility studies and concepts, developing the concrete parts of the equipment and systems to be installed

High voltage substations

Electric Arc Furnace ( EAF )

Ladle Furnaces ( LF )

Vacuum degassing ( VD-VOD )

Continuous Casting Machine ( CCM )

Water treatment plant ( WTP )

Dusting System ( DDS )

Hot rolling mills for long products / rolling mills for bars / rolling mills for wire rod

Rolling mills for small and medium sections

Rolling mills for sheet metal production

Auxiliary equipment (Cranes, Scrap buckets, Casting Ladles, Ladle and Scrap Bucket transfer car, Ladle turret etc…)



Our business develops complex projects with long delivery times. This is why it is important
to carefully consider every customer need, ensuring on time delivery and the best quality
of each project

In this context, the planning and the ability to manage the whole process becomes fundamental: thanks to the long experience and the skills we have internally, we are able to reach the standards required to meet the customers’ needs.

Our method

  1. Sales negotiations
  2. Order kick-off meeting
  3. New project launch meeting with internal engineering departments
  4. Project engineering validation meetings
  5. Plant construction designed
  6. Testing of plant equipment on site
  7. Plant assembly in the field
  8. Plant start up
  9. Post start-up technical assistance
  10. Training

The modernization of existing plants to produce in a more sustainable way.

The revamping of the plants and more generally the green projects allow to optimize the process activities and the management of the plants, not only to make them more efficient, but also more sustainable.
An objective that we are able to achieve thanks to the use of new technologies and the competence of our professional teams.

Competitiveness and the search for innovative solutions dictated by our strategic position: we operate in an area strongly characterized by an articulated network of suppliers, small and medium-sized enterprises, operating in the steel market.

CEA GROUP is an excellence recognized all over the world:
90% of our service is oriented towards emerging countries
and developing economies.